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The Future of Agriculture

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Welcome to the Future of Agriculture and learn how biotechnology and agriculture are helping to shape the way for a sustainable future.

Aerial pesticide spraying in Maine is necessary and safe

29th March 2021 By Admin

Frank Leavitt is a licensed master pesticide applicator in Maine.

For the better part of the last 25 years I have been working with foresters and others for
whom the land is sacred, providing the best care possible to protect the tree landscape
for which Maine is known. That includes, but is not limited to, aerial spraying of
herbicides to help protect weeds from decimating our trees.

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Concord Monitor: Remote sensors and vacuum pumps battle climate change on maple syrup farms

10th March 2020 By Admin

Maple sugaring is as traditional an activity as you can find, but for commercial operations, tradition is increasingly being replaced by technological improvements in a battle against modern climate obstacles.

“If you just wait until town meeting day, like they used to do, you’ll miss half the season. You can’t do that too many years or you’ll go under,” said Jeff Moore, whose family runs Windswept Maples farm in Loudon. “We’ve got to be ready, able to gather sap whenever it runs.”

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BDN: Local pesticide bans are a mistake

3rd December 2019 By Admin

For centuries, physicians have been controlling human diseases using all the tools available to them: proper nutrition of patients, sanitation, early disease diagnosis and intervention through medicines, including those derived from natural sources, chemicals and with more recent innovations, such as gene editing.

Likewise, farmers also control plant and animal diseases using the same approaches — proper plant and animal nutrition, sanitation, early disease diagnosis and intervention through natural, chemical and genetic sources.

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